Scientific publications

Check out the peer-reviewed, or preprint articles from our funded projects, as well as articles stemming from the Swiss 3RCC directly.

Oral and poster presentations at scientific meetings

Barbara Jozef, Melanie Fischer and Kristin Schirmer. "Nutritional requirements of fish cell lines – developments towards a serum-free culture medium." (Accepted as abstract for the 11th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in Life Sciences (WC11), August 2021). 

Zhao Rui Zhang, Barbara Jozef and Kristin Schirmer. "A 96-Well Plate Cell-Based Assay to Quantify Proliferation of RTgill-W1 Cell Line Under Serum-Free Conditions." (Accepted as platform presentation SETAC 10th Young Environmental Scientists Meeting, 22-26 February 2021) 

Kristin Schirmer and Barbara Jozef. "Fish cell lines and the 3Rs: fundamental developments and application in chemical risk assessment." (presented as invited lecture at the 3Rs Across Europe, held on-line 22-24 September 2021) 

Continuing Education course on Mouse Physiology & Pathophysiology “Breeding Management & Planning”  (University of Zürich – 17th of June 2021)

Recent advances in animal welfare science VIII. “Improved group size planning of breedings of gene-modified animals". (Virtual UFAW Animal Welfare Conference 29th- 30th June 2021)

“Chess meets Murphy: The intricacies of planning complex breedings" (GVSOLAS - German Laboratory Animal Science Association Congress - 24th of September 2021)