Culture of care

Culture of care is an important principle that indicates a commitment to improve animal welfare, scientific quality, care of the staff and transparency for the stakeholders. The 3RCC is hosting the Swiss Culture of Care Working Group which aims to promote and faciliate the culture of care at institutions in Switzerland.

An international culture of care network was established to share examples of activities that improve animal welfare. The network aims to promote a mind-set and behaviour that continuously and proactively works to promote laboratory animal welfare and the 3Rs; to go beyond a culture of compliance, and to include a culture of challenge, i.e., go beyond the accepted. You can find more information on the International Culture of Care Network in the following link:

Animal Technician Week

Animal Technician Week: 2 – 8 February 2020
This annual celebration recognises animal technicians for their essential contribution as members of the research team. They are responsible for providing compassionate attention to the animals in their care. More information: Animal Technician Week