Swiss 3Rs Award

The Swiss 3RCC gives out two annual awards: the Swiss 3RCC's 3Rs Award and a Young 3Rs Investigator Award to individuals for work conducted in Switzerland.

The main 3Rs Award of CHF 4'000.- is given for exceptional work has made a significant contribution to the Replacement, Reduction, Refinement of animal experimentation (the 3Rs Principle).

A further CHF 1000.- prize, the Young 3Rs Investigator Award, is given to to researchers in the early stages of their career for their individual achievements advancing the 3Rs principle.

Any Swiss-based person is eligible that has made significant advancements in topics related to the 3Rs; whether in research, education, caretaking or management. Applications will be evaluated based on the quality of the contributions and on their impact on the 3Rs in either a scientific, regulatory, industrial or educational context. In addition to the financial award, the awardee will be given the possibility to have a short video made about his/her activities contributing to the implementation of the 3Rs and/or to present his/her work in a 3R-dedicated event organized by the 3RCC.

Nominees are initially internally reviewed and short-listed, followed by an external endorsement by at least 3 international experts in the field. 

Register and complete the nomination form here after October 1st, 2021.

You may apply until the 31st of January.

Have a look at our previous award winners:
2020 - Prof. Ronald Dijkman and Joseph Scarborough
2019 - Prof Kristin Schirmer and Melanie Fischer