3R Research Foundation Switzerland (1987 - 2018)

The 3R Research Foundation Switzerland, a cooperative institution active from 1987-2017, has received around 482 applications for research grants and 146 of these projects have received some financial support.

An annual amount of approximately CHF 500,000 was available for grants. Total funding for approved projects was CHF 18,798, 418. It received CHF 834,533 from various sources, CHF 11,828,000 from the Confederation and CHF 11,998,000 from Interpharma.

The 3R Research Foundation Switzerland will end all activities after 30 years of tirelessly promoting the 3Rs and funding research projects aimed at replacing, reducing and refining animal experiments.

You may download the Abstract book with descriptions of the projects financed by the 3R Foundation as well as the 3Rs Brochure of the foundation and the brochure published at the 3R symposium in 2018.

We will provide an overview of projects financed by the 3R Foundation in due course.