2020 Call: Refining intracerebral administration of drugs with sonoporation-activated microbubbles

Project OC-2020-015

Intracerebral administration of central nervous system (CNS) active agents through intracranial surgery is a widely used…


2020 Call: Identifying new regulators of cell invasion in colorectal cancer using the Drosophila adult intestine

Project OC-2020-011

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is a cancer of the colon and the rectum. It is the third most prevalent cancer worldwide and is the…


2020 Call: Best practice guidance for including sex as a biological variable in animal research

Project OC-2020-004

In animal research, a strong bias towards using male animals is apparent in most disciplines. By using animals of only one sex,…


2020 Call: Reducing the need for lethal health monitoring in trout

Project OC-2020-003

Proliferative Kidney Disease (PKD) is a deadly parasitic fish disease that is classified as reportable and that has to be…


2020 Call: Experimental toolkit to evaluate cell-based therapies in the mouse brain

Project OC-2020-002

For every 100 prospective therapies in clinical development, approximately 90 are never approved for clinical use. This…


2019 Call: Engineering a novel cell-based model for assessing materno-fetal drug transfer during pregnancy

Project OC-2019-019

The human placenta is a vital organ that acts as a barrier between the circulation of the mother and the growing fetus. It…


2019 Call: Development of a platform for GU cancer patient-derived organoids

Project OC-2019-003

Understanding and overcoming cancer therapy resistance is a major overarching goal of our precision oncology program at the…


2019 Call: IPF-on-Chip: Replacing the bleomycin induced lung injury and fibrosis model with lung-on-chip technology

Project OC-2019-025

Today, new antifibrotic drugs for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) are tested in mice with the bleomycin-induced lung-injury…


2019 Call: BEHAVE: A toolkit for deep-behavior profiling of laboratory rodents

Project OC-2019-009

Many hundred-thousand rodents, mostly mice, are used in behavioural neuroscience research every year. This is necessary, because…


2018 Call: Nutritional requirements of fish cell lines – development of a serum-free culture medium (L-15Plus) 

Project OC-2018-001
Manmade chemicals have become an essential commodity in our daily lives, from personal care to medicine and agriculture.…