Experts present their research applying the 3Rs principle

SGV 2019 3Rs Replacement awardee Nowak-Sliwinska talks about in vitro oncology model

Prof. Patrycja Nowak-Sliwinska, group leader of Molecular Pharmacology at University of Geneva's medical centre CMU, talks about the in vitro 3D system she developed to study the effect of drug combinations on colorectal cancer cells. Nowak-Sliwinska won the 2019 Replacement Award from the Swiss Laboratory Animal Science Association SGV. Link to video.

SGV 2019 Reduction awardee Hanno Würbel explains ways to tackle reproducibility crisis

Prof. Hanno Würbel from the University of Bern explains how excessive standardization in animal research can be a source of poor reproducibility because it ignores biologically meaningful variation. He shows that  multi-laboratory studies and other ways of creating more heterogeneous study samples can be effective means of improving the reproducibility of study results, which is crucial to prevent wasting animals and resources for inconclusive research. Link to the video clip

UNIGE 2019 3Rs Prize awardee Soldati explains his alternative TB model

By developing a technique to test anti-infective compounds on infected amoebas in order to retain only the most effective ones, the group of Thierry Soldati, Associate Professor in the Department of Biochemistry at the Faculty of Science of the UNIGE, makes it possible to considerably reduce the number of tests that will then have to be carried out on the mouse.

Soldati explains how the model he developed in a video clip. You can add English subtitles under setting.