Nutritional requirements of fish cell lines – development of a serum-free culture medium (L-15Plus) 

Project 3RCC_001_o2018
Manmade chemicals have become an essential commodity in our daily lives, from personal care to medicine and agriculture.…

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Rodents have a right to best surgical practice 

Project 3RCC_002_o2018
Surgery is an integral part of many experimental animal studies. Anaesthesia and analgesia protocols are obvious targets for…

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Breeding management software for genetically modified rodents

Project 3RCC_003_o2018 
Scientists frequently use genetically modified animals in basic and applied research. They often combine multiple genetic…

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Recombinant laminin-like proteins for organoid cultures free of animal-derived basement membrane extract

Project 3RCC_004_o2018
Organoids are miniature organs generated from stem cells that provide unique in vitro models of organs in health and disease,…

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A CRISPR/Cas9-screening platform to decipher conserved cell fate specification networks in vivo

Project 3RCC_005_o2018
The adult human body consists of hundreds, if not thousands, of distinct cell types. Examples include different neurons in the…

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3D heart models for cardiac surgery training

Project 3RCC_006_o2018
Surgery training on live animals is a controversial subject. While prohibited in Switzerland, surgical training on live animals…

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